Gallery: Being Rich


“Little Adults”

Warwara trägt ein Dior-Kleidchen und hüpft vor dem edlen kleinen Heimkino in ihrem Kinderzimmer



Varvara is wearing a Dior outfit and caught mid-air in front of the splendid home cinema in her room, Vadim is looking into the camera wearing a suit and bow tie like a middle-aged snob, and Jacob is clutching his Kalashnikov in a room full of antique furniture. In her series Little Adults, German-Russian photographer Anna Skladmann portrayed the children of super-rich Russians in the comfort of their homes. She was given access to the majestic rooms of the offspring of politicians, entrepreneurs and designers, who had profited from the radical changes in social structure in the 1990s.

Skladmann was inspired by the children’s oddly grown-up appearance. She composed her pictures of these “little adults” together with them, drawing on the work of famous portrait painters such as Goya and Velázquez. The photographs display the innocence of the children as a canvas on to which clichés but also the expectations of the parents are projected. However, they also reflect Skladmann’s own fascination with wealth and its sometimes bizarre manifestations. The photographer views her work as a visionary project: “In the portraits the children are the future. And the clothing, the background, the interior design are the present.” Observers are left to wonder about the roles these little boys and girls will one day go on to play in Russia.

Picture: Anna Skladmann

Lisa sitting on her dining table, Moscow 2010

Lisa auf ihrem Esstisch sitzend

Picture: Anna Skladmann

Vadim on his roof terrace, Moscow 2009

Wadim auf seiner Dachterrasse.

Picture: Anna Skladmann

Sonia sitting on the bear rug, Moscow 2009

Sonja auf dem Bärenfell sitzend.

Picture: Anna Skladmann

Jacob with a Kalashnikov and ballerinas, Moscow 2009

Jakob mit Kalaschnikow und Ballerinen.

Picture: Anna Skladmann

Eva in her living room, Moscow 2009

Eva in ihrem Wohnzimmer, liegt auf einem Sofa.

Picture: Anna Skladmann