UZH Magazin 3/18


UZH Magazin 3/18

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Humans and animals are related in many ways. Research continues to show that some animals have rudimentary forms of abilities that we consider typically human. What do we have in common with our animal friends? What sets us apart?

Focus: Animals and Us

Andi Lischke with an owl

Language, intelligence, cooperation – the things that supposedly set humans apart are increasingly being discovered in the animal kingdom. Animals hold a mirror up to our own nature and help us understand what makes us human. 

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Video: Intelligent Apes

Gantenbein's Shot

VR headset in court (illustration)

With virtually reconstructed crime scenes, suspects, lawyers and judges are instantly transported to the spot where it all took place – and clues to the crime are revealed..

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Andrin’s Rare Disease

Andrin in a racing soapbox

Most rare diseases have genetic causes and cannot yet be healed. But treatments are improving, and this benefits patients, as the example of Andrin Walt demonstrates.

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A Highway for Electrons

Titus Neupert

Homogeneous materials that conduct electricity and insulate at the same time: These are just some of the paradoxical properties encountered by physicist Titus Neupert as he models the atomic structure of solids on the computer.

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Capital Buffers to Counter the Crisis

Money bundle

The financial crisis of 2007 sent shockwaves through the world economy. Banking expert Steven Ongena’s research focuses on how such catastrophes can be prevented in the future – for example by limiting the amount of debt banks are allowed to carry.

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"Verses That Hit Where It Hurts"

Ana Sobral and Sandro Zanetti

What happens with local cultures in a world that is growing ever closer together? We talked to hip hop expert Ana Sobral and literary scholar Sandro Zanetti to hear their thoughts on globalization and cultural cosmopolitanism.

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Inventing the Future

Stefan Leins

Financial analysts' expertise and predictions are imaginary constructs, says Stefan Leins. The social anthropologist researched their daily routines and their work.

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