UZH Magazin 4/18


UZH Magazin 4/18

UZH Magazin 4/18 (Cover)

UZH is a place of research and learning - and where many innovative ideas are developed. Some of these ideas are so good that they can be made into marketable products and new business ventures. We met people who turn ideas into gold.

Focus: Inventive Minds

Claudia Wagner

Using scientific know-how to develop products for the marketplace and start your own company is a risky venture. This issue features the innovative thinkers who dared to take the leap.

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Firing Up the Brain

Kind am Lesen

Children learn to read in playful ways. But it’s not always easy for them to connect the abstract groups of letters with their meaning. Neurobiologist Silvia Brem researches how children learn to read and how those with reading difficulties can be helped.

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Alchemical Bestseller


Didactic poetry combining alchemy and religion: The 12th-century Moroccan manuscript “Splinters of Gold” took the Arabic world by storm. But when Regula Forster was researching its author, she made a surprising discovery.

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All about Jupiter


Jupiter is the most important planet in our solar system, says Ravit Helled, an astrophysicist who’s investigating how the round giant and other planets were formed.

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"Working flat out"

Georg Bauer

More lifestyle choices or total exhaustion: There are pros and cons to flexible working hours says ergonomist Georg Bauer. In this interview he talks about the effects of digitalization and how to feel healthy and satisfied at work.

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