Ein Mann trainiert auf einem Fitness-Roboter.

Fast Legs

By Roger Nickl
English translation by Philip Isler

Whether it’s football, ice hockey or skiing, success in sports is based on well trained legs – and an excellent coach. The fitness robot developed by the company Dynamic Devices offers both: It’s a workout machine and personal trainer in one. The smart device measures the strength of its users and responds individually to their coordination, power and stamina. And it can create bespoke training plans within a matter of seconds. The founders of Dynamic Devices, Max Lungarella and Raja Dravid, explored artificial intelligence and bionic robotics at UZH’s former Artificial Intelligence Lab. This knowledge shaped the development of the robotic personal trainer. Today the smart device is being used by Japanese athletes to prepare for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, but also benefits patients recovering from a knee injury or suffering from a neural condition.