UZH Magazin 1/20


UZH Magazin 1/20

UZH Magazin 1/20 (Cover)

Artificial intelligence has many advantages and can already do many things better than humans. Should we be afraid? No, say researchers of UZH. We should see AI as an opportunity, since it reduces our workload and expands our skills.

Focus: Artificial Intelligence

Anne Scherer

Will intelligent algorithms and adaptive AI systems soon be cleverer than us? Do they work and think for us, or do they expand and enhance our skills? 

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The Social Life of Dolphins


With their ability to maintain life-long friendships and form coalitions within wide social networks, the dolphins in Shark Bay, Australia, display a complex social life. This is a sign of intelligence, says anthropologist Michael Krützen. 

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Storm in the Blood Stream 

Patrick Simonis

16-year old Patrick Simonis was looking death in the eye – but genetically modified blood cells enabled him to beat his cancer. This case from the University Children's Hospital Zurich demonstrates the current revolution taking place in the treatment of leukemia. 

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What Causes the Downfall of Republics 


The Roman Marcus Tullius Cicero once inspired the founding fathers of the United States. But are his ideas still relevant today, at a time when many Americans fear for their republic? Historian Benjamin Straumann is examining this question.

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Reading Minds 

Genetikerin Anita Rauch und Ethikerin Tanja Krones

Thanks to neurotechnology, it could soon be possible to read people’s thoughts, says linguist Balthasar Bickel. While fascinating from a medical perspective, it’s also incredibly dangerous. We sat down with the linguistics expert to discuss the future of language and its origins.

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