UZH Magazin 3/20


UZH Magazin 3/20

UZH Magazin 1/20 (Cover)

Identity, conciousness and feelings: The current UZH Magazine explores how we become who we are.

Focus: That's Me – How We Become Who We Are


Nothing is as familiar to us as we are to ourselves. Nevertheless it is difficult for us to say who we are. In this focus section, we explore what makes us who we are and how that changes in the course of our lives. We also asked people of different ages who they are, and photographer Cyrill Matter took their pictures. His photos and short portraits accompany the focus section.

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Shocking Stories


Disinformation is increasingly permeating our everyday news. But why does it spread more easily in some places than in others? Edda Humprecht knows what makes countries resistant to fake news.

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Women's Hearts Age Differently


Cardiologist Catherine Gebhard’s research focuses on why certain diseases affect women and men differently. For the gender medicine pioneer, the corona pandemic is both a textbook example and a call for action at the same time

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Singing with the Maestro


The composer Paul Hindemith worked as an unconventional professor at UZH in the 1950s. His archives, which document his many-faceted oeuvre, have now been donated to the Department of Musicology.

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New Blooms from the Uri Alps


Evolutionary biologist Kentaro Shimizu gathers flowers from a Swiss alpine meadow and cultivates Japanese wheat in a garden on UZH’s Irchel Campus. He wants to find out how plants are adapting to climate change.

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“Health is inherited”

Milo Puhan

According to Isabelle Mansuy’s research, the epigenome – which can switch our genes on and off – can be modified, positively or negatively, by our lifestyle choices. At least some of these modifications are passed down through the generations.

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Stormed by Photographers

Portraet Uschi Backes-Gellner

Even as a schoolgirl, Regina Kiener had a pronounced sense of justice. Today, the legal expert is a campaigner for human rights, democracy and the rule of law, and advises countries all over the world on constitutional matters.

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