UZH Magazin 1/21


UZH Magazin 1/21

UZH Magazin 4/20 (Cover)

The Next Generation. What Drives Young Researchers

The Next Generation

Frau auf Kasten

They’re young, dedicated and full of promising ideas. We spoke with six UZH researchers who are embarking on a career in academia – about their research, their goals and the secrets of their success.

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In Praise of Pleasure

Kind isst Kuchen

According to the famous marshmallow test, people who can postpone their needs are happier and more successful in the long run. Now psychologist Katharina Bernecker is turning this hypothesis on its head. Her findings suggest that enjoying pleasure in the moment promotes overall well-being. 

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Brain Tumors under Attack


Is Marian Neidert taking a saw to the branch he’s sitting on? As a neurosurgeon, he operates on brain tumors; as a researcher he’s trying to teach the immune system to fight them itself. But it might be some time before immunotherapies make surgery superfluous. 

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Drinking Tea with Salafis

Frau vor Baustelle

Mira Menzfeld has been meeting with members of the ultraconservative Salafi movement for eight years. The vast majority she has spoken to are peace-loving Muslims and present no danger whatsoever. However, many of their ideas do run counter to her own views, says the anthropologist.

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Planting Underpants

Mann mit Pflanze

Biologist Marcel van der Heijden aims to increase agricultural yields – not just with artificial fertilizers, pesticides, and GM technology, but also fungi and other microorganisms. He's not afraid to resort to less conventional research methods, either.

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Research Quality During the Pandemic

Günthart und Held

Infectious disease specialist Huldrych Günthard treats coronavirus patients at the UniversityHospital Zurich (USZ), while biostatistician Leonhard Held evaluates the plethora of publications on the pandemic. We talk about coronavirus, vaccination and research quality during the crisis.

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Standing up to Stress


Ulrike Ehlert has had to cope with many a difficult situation in life. Today she is a leading light in psychobiological stress research who also takes a very hands-on approach to looking at what triggers stress and how we can deal with it.

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